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Basic Disaster Supplies Kit: $15

Steel Toe Books, 2016

What's most shocking about [Basic Disaster Supplies Kit] collection isn't Marci Rae Johnson's flip and lippy bedfellowing with world dictators and anemic communist manifestors -- nor even her heretical takedown of our most beloved and saintly Mister Rogers (in the opening poem, no less!). What's truly arresting in these poems is her reverential treatment of deeply spiritual matters -- and the tension that these opposing forces create. In other words, she renders unto Caeser what's his, and to God, what's God's. It's a book unlike any I've seen.  

-Jill Alexander Essbaum, author of Hausfrau

The Eyes the Window: $18

Sage Hill Press, 2013

Reflective and refractive, the poems in this shimmering collection offer us the promise of indeterminacy as solace, in a world where the Unknown and the Possible are one and the same. In Johnson’s unerring poems, what we don’t know seems a version of what we might wish -- “maybe this is where / we see something beautiful,” she writes. Traveler, trust these fine poems, and this fine poet: profound comforts lie here, in the arms of language.

– Alan Michael Parker

A Dictionary of Theories: $11

Winner of the Friends of Poetry chapbook contest for Michigan authors in 2014, published by Celery City Chapbooks.



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